Welcome to Bloo.ie, a place devoted to everything to do with your home. If its roofing, electrical, interior, exterior, landscaping or driveways, we will be providing information about it.

What does that mean? Well, let us break down some of the stuff we will be talking about to help you understand what it’s all about.


We will be providing information and articles about the various activities that will involve your roof, roofline or guttering. We will provide information on the types of roofing, slate roofing, felt roofing or metal roofing.

We will be showing you the different types of guttering, soffits and fascia you can have added to your house. The benefits of uPVC guttering vs metal gutters and more.

We will try to provide you with tips on how to deal with potential problems like handling small DIY repairs or what to look out for with a roofing contractor if you need a new roof or roofing repairs.


We will be talking about the types of electrical work you can have done inside and outside of your home. The types of lighting, how to be energy efficient and what type of lights work best in certain environments.

Outside, we will show you how to implement your own wiring system(not connecting), how to set out outdoor lighting for your house or for your garden and how to do that all on a budget.


We will be talking about interior work you can either do at your home or have done for you. This includes the different types of flooring including tile ceramics, laminate flooring, carpets and proper hardwood flooring for your home.

There will be information on painting your home, carrying out wallpapering tasks and how to work out what type of a colouring system will suit your home best.


Here we will talk about the benefits of exterior home improvements that can be handled by a contractor or yourself. We will discuss the different garden and patio designs, what plants to pot in summer or winter and how to create winter or summer landscaping projects for you.

We will provide information on how to handle the front of your home including the driveway area. What type of driveway area would work really well with your home, the styling of it and what is the difference between driveway surfaces like block paving, tarmac or gravel..

If at any stage you feel you need some more information, would like to provide extra information for an article or would like to suggest a topic, you can get in touch with us on the contact page.