Are you thinking about having a driveway installed? Not sure over what option to pick? Well, let us help you with that choice today. We will break down the various types of driveways you can have installed and the benefits of each.

Regardless of the type of driveway installation, always insist on only using quality products. This means sourcing the products from suppliers that have a proven reputation of delivering quality products like Kilsaran paving, Tobermore paving and Barleystone.

Along with any type of driveway installation, a quality driveway company can provide you with a host of options on the type of restraint or edging you would like to have installed with your new driveway.

You should make sure you see samples of edging including block kerbs, tumbled edging, standard concrete edging, flat top edging kerbs and more. Of course, you can opt for a more traditional style by using granite cobblestone sets or similar for a border or as an edging if they are turned on there side.


Driveway paving is a great option for any driveway. Its available in a range of patterns, colours and styles. It can be blended to suit any home. However, it is more expensive than the other options and on larger driveway paving projects, it can become too expensive. For an average driveway size (space for 2 cars), it makes a great option. It is not too expensive, will provide great durability and will make any driveway stand out.


Tarmac driveways are one of the oldest options that exist for driveways. It is suitable for both larger and smaller driveways. On larger driveways, the tarmac should be laid with a barber green (it keeps the tarmac level) and machine rolled to ensure a solid finish. It is not quite as expensive as block paving but the colour and style is not variable.

Gravel driveways are a great option for both small and large driveways. Suitable for any type of a house and very affordable. Range of colours and chip finishes are available with it as well. It is not as durable as either paving or tarmac and it will require regular maintenance especially on driveways that will involve cars turning.


We recommend visiting other driveways if you have a particular preference and speak to the owners of the driveway to ensure you know about the maintenance of it, the upkeep and if there was any issues with that particular type of driveway before you go ahead with it.